Thanksgiving Point Barn

Created with ArtRage for Android on my Samsung Note 3.

For this picture, I painted on site with my phone.  I challenged myself to paint some architecture and to get the perspectives right.  I think I did OK with this one.  

I did a pretty tight sketch in pencil first then painted it in with the oil brush.  

If I take my time and try to keep it a bit tighter but not too tight I think it turns out OK.

For the trees, I used the glitter tool.  I really liked the texture it provided and it brought the trees forward quite a bit but the texture isn't really consistent with the rest of the painting so I'll have to experiment a bit more.

The best part of painting is the expirementing and fully immersing myself into the process. It is even better when I get results I like.  

I'd did this during a lunch break and it provided a much needed break to the day.


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