Wood Duck - Painting and Photography

I painted a Wood Duck using watercolor and ink for Mississipi in my  Draw50states challenge. The duck is Mississippi's official state waterfowl.  For the painting I did an ink drawing and then painted over it.  I like the result.

Even though it is Missippi's state bird they are found across the United States and  used  a photograph I took in Ogden, Utah as a reference for the painting.

We don't see many of them in Utah though, I used  eBird, a site devoted to reporting bird sightings by birders across the world,  to find where one might be nearby.  I ended up convincing my wife to go to eat at a favorite restaurant an hour and a half away from home, so that I could then just happen to be in the neighborhood near the frequent sighting of the duck.  I was excited to see it and even more excited that I got a good picture.  They are cool looking birds.

Painting is a great activity and I suspect I will merge it with another fun activity birding on more occasions like this in the future.  For more reasons to bird check out another of my posts,   Why you should consider birding as a hobby 


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