The Freedom of a Pencil

There likely isn't a more simple set of tools than a pencil and a piece of paper.   When I get stuck in art or even a mountain of to-do's, I find that putting a pencil to paper frees me up.  Sometimes, just writing a list will do it. I think the reason it works so well is that it removes elements of complexity.

In drawing, it obviously removes colors and reduces the image to simple shapes and values.  A pencil is also great because it is less permanent. The fear of mistakes often blocks us.  Erase away I say.

During the draw 50 states challenge I stalled and got stuck a lot.  I would resist getting out paints because I didn't want to clean up.  I would resist markers because they weren't quite the right color.

Sketching unblocked me.  Not surprisingly, a pencil is the fastest way to a decent image for me.

Anyway, here is my entry for Missouri.

Missouri's state game bird is the Northern Bobwhite Quail.


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