Cape Cod Piping Plover - A pen drawing

I drew this picture for my Massachusetts entry in the Draw 50 States Challenge. I used all ink for this one. In retrospect, I really focused too much on lines and accuracy and failed to pay attention to values. As a result it looks more like a coloring page. Another lesson learned.

Part of the fun of this challenge is learning about the places in each state. I spent quite a bit of time deciding what to draw that was unique to Massachusets. Cape Cod seems like a fun place to visit. Even though it isn't the state bird, the Piping Plover is an endangered bird that resides there.

I've seen plovers here in Utah but of a different variety. One of the things I enjoy about birding is learning to understand the nuances in the varieties.

 For more information on the Piping Plover check this out:  The Piping Plover - Cape Cod National Seashore (U.S. National Park Service)


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