Getting Better at Art (and other things)

I'm always telling my kids to keep trying and that often we aren't very good at things when we start but eventually we get good at it.  My first examples are typically walking and potty training.  When we first start,  we aren't very good at it either.  We fall, fail and sometimes we cry.  But something drives us and our loved ones encourage us and we figure it out.  Most of us are pretty good at walking within a month or two of solid effort.  

Potty training  is a little different.  It seems new parents are overly worried that it won't happen or isn't happening fast enough. Parents are always more worried than the kids right?   As a dad, when I was going through the potty training phase with my children, it was helpful for me to remind myself that I knew very few 18 year-olds in diapers.  It takes some longer than others but ultimately we all figure it out.

So what does this have to do with art?

Well, I'm over 40 now and I've looked back on some of the drawings I did in grade school.  I was fortunate enough to have saved some of my favorite drawings in a binder.  I remember  that at the time, I thought I was pretty good at drawing.  (I still do I guess. Confidence is good). But I look back now and see a definite progression of talent.

Here is a deer I drew in the 4th grade.  I remember being so proud of the non straight legs like the other kids were still drawing. Amateurs!

I'm unsure of the date on the moose below, but it was likely a few years later.  The proportions were getting better.

Finally a moose from a couple of weeks ago as part of my #draw50states challenge.

It will be interesting to see how I get better at art and other things going forward.  If it is anything like walking or 30+ years of drawing, I think I'll improve some more.


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