Drawing 50 States - The Happiness of Pursuit

So I just read Chris Guillebeau's latest book "The Happiness of Pursuit" and it got me thinking about quests and bucket lists. The authors big quest was to travel to every country in the world and he did in about 10 years. I like to travel, but I can't see myself ever taking on anything that painful. The book is partially a  memoir about his travel but it also highlights several other people's quests. He highlights some pretty broad categories of things like earning every Boy Scout merit badge, running a marathon every week or dating 50 guys in 50 states.

I've started a few quests, or probably better stated, lists of things to do but haven't made much progress lately. I'd still like to photograph every bird on the official Utah State bird list. I'm hovering at around 13 out of over 400. I'd like to summit every highpoint of each of Utah's 27 counties. I've managed 2 and it's the same peak. (Thurston Peak). I've tried NaNoWriMo twice and quit before hitting the halfway mark to 50,000 words.

Even though I haven't completed any those three quests, I completely agree with Guillebeau's thesis that the happiness is just as much in the pursuit as in the completion. If not more.

So what does that have to do with drawing 50 states as this posts title suggests? Well I wanted something a tad easier to work on in my pajamas while simultaneously gaining the promised happiness hit. The idea is that I'd like to improve my drawing skills and I'd like to feed my hunger for travel, so I'm going to draw a picture that represents each of the 50 states.  I'm sticking with a nature theme and I'm attempting to use a lot of different mediums.  You can follow along on my instagram account.  I'm tagging them with the #draw50states hashtag.

I also plan on posting the pictures on this blog as well. Possibly with more background.


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