Take Your Bike to Work (and leave it)

For a few years I lived  60+ miles from my office. My commute was typically an hour and a half each way.  With 3 hours  a day spent in the car, I did my best to make lemonade out of lemons and listened to audio books by the dozens.  It was a great learning time but it wasn't great for my body.

Many people encourage alternate forms of transportation, like the bus or train or riding a bike.  For some, like me at the time, it is simply unrealistic.   60 miles each way  would take some serious time to ride a bike to and from work!

Leave your bike at work?

With all that commuting, I wasn't getting much exercise so one day, I loaded one of my two bikes on top of the car and drove it to work. I realize that wasn't a perfect interpretation of take your bike to work, but for me it was my only realistic option.

Taking my bike to work and leaving it there was a great option for me. It can be  a lot of fun to have a bike at the office. Here are a few ideas.

Commute to lunch.

 There's probably a local sandwich nearby.  But why not skip the closest one and ride to an even better one further away?  Riding locally can actually be faster than a car when considering parking and traffic.   It's quick, easy and provides for  great mental break.


Use lunch time to ride on a local  trail system. If you pack your lunch you can save the time and have a picnic on the trail.


For those days that you can take a  full 1 hour lunch or more, EXPLORE!  My office is at the mouth Provo Canyon one of one of the most beautiful canyons on the Wasatch Front. Provo Canyon is home to Bridal Veil Falls and Robert Redford's Sundance Ski Resort. I could even consider taking a chair-lift ride at Sundance and ride one of the downhill trails on the mountain. I could  also try to ride some dirt trails in the area. I'm not sure how I'll smell after those like that so I'll likely save those for a casual Friday.

What could you do if you had a bike at work?


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