It's all here now

I've been blogging off and on since 2004.  I've started and ended 5 of them.  Until just today,  3 of the blogs  were on  I also deleted one of my earliest blogs in 2006 after saving it off to a word doc. It too, was on blogspot.  My final blog  was a self hosted wordpress site.   The self hosted site was an attempt to make some money but that whole blog-for-easy-money ain't so easy.  I did however learn a ton about wordpress and have become quite a fan.  I still like blogspot, but wordpress still intrigues me. Besides I'm a fan of I met him in person a few years back.

Anyway, in the spirit of I'm here now and not there, I've consolidated the old posts from blogspot to this blog.  When I get to it,  I'll bring in the relevant stuff from my self hosted site  and that old word doc too.

Like I said, deleted the other blogs to keep the internets free of redundant crap...well... at least my redundant crap.  Now there is a single source of truth for my  years ramblings, occasional thoughts and....yup....crap. :)

Happy history reading.



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