A New Blog

This is a blog about me. Where I go. What I do. How I learn.

But first, some thoughts on my title.

When my kids ask on a road trip "Are we there yet?"
I always answer. "Yes. "  and then I point to some place on the road and say "...and now we are there...and there...and there"

Here was there.

At times this blog is about places I've been to or things I've seen. But at other times it is about me and my thoughts

Here's a thought now.

Where I am now is a result of what I've done in the past. In some cases, I intended to be here. I have many blessings. At times, this is the "there" that I planned to be.

At other times, here was the "there" I didn't want to be. Either way I took steps to be here. I recognize that it was my steps, one at a time, that made me who I am. I also recognize that I can get where ever I intend to be, one step at a time.

Step by step is all I need to focus on and my here will be the there I'm looking for.


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