Happy New Year

My wife and I spent New Years Day doing what we do every year. We put away Christmas and try to throw a few things out to make room for the new stuff we got -- err, kids got.
We made a good effort. The give-to-charity pile is bigger with some older toys (shhh...don't tell the kids) and we sneaked a few favorite, but broken, toys to the garbage can. One example: a plastic rifle that was snapped in half and then duct-taped together. It has held on for at least 4 years. The duct tape made it functional but the gun itself is really redundant since we have plenty of toy weapons to choose from. At least 6 light-sabers live at our house and several Nerf guns, not to mention the pile of sticks they bring home from school nearly everyday. On second thought, the sticks are gone now too.

Any way, I think I like the New Year's day holiday more than I like Christmas. To me it represents a new start. I like new starts. Which is why I choose to write on a blog that has been dormant for over a year now. Why not? Maybe I'll get some good ideas from it.


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