Motorsports are fun too.

I was excited to hear my name mentioned on the DSO podcast. It made me feel famous :). I hope my last post about the show didn't make me sound anti-hunting or anti-motorized sports. Like I mentioned then, I like them both. For example, I really like riding ATVs and hope to have a pair some day. (It's more fun to ride with some one.) However, not everyone can just run out a buy a pair of four-wheelers. They're expensive. The cost of entry into motor sports is pretty steep. I guess that's one of the many reasons I'm a fan of what I'm calling geosports. Running and hiking are basically free sports. Of course you can gear up as much as you like with packs, clothes and gadgets like a GPS receiver, but you can start small and enjoy it immediately. Kids can do it too.

It's called playing outside. However you choose to play, with or without motors, enjoy where you are. Enjoy the views. Enjoy your friends and family. That's my goal.

This is me on a ATV trip earlier this year. (My brother is so cool to take me :) )


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