Waiting for the iPod Tablet

Let’s re-cap. I can use the iPhone to make a cell phone call. Yippee. When I really think about it, I don’t like cell phone calls anyway. It’s a necessary evil for me. I typically like to get off of the phone as quickly as possible. If it is a call from work, I say something like. “OK, I’ll log into my computer and let you know” and hang up the phone. If it is a call from home I say. “Yeah I’m leaving now” or I’m almost home, see you in a minute” You get the point. That burning brick held to my ear for any length of time drives me nuts. The hands free thing drives me nuts as well. Who really wants stuff dangling from your ear? I don’t.

On the other hand I have an iPod and LOVE it. I use it all the time. I commute 3 hours a day. I NEED it. It’s fun, easy to use and entertaining. I plug it into my car. I plug it into my computer. I even take it to the gym.

The iPhone combines the two. That’s putting a device I really don’t like (the cell phone) with a device I love (the iPod).

Will that make me hate the iPod?

I think so. There are plenty of phones that play music. But nobody likes listening to music on their phone. It’s because they secretly hate their phone! The iPhone takes a really great entertainment device and tries to make it into a “work” station. I don’t want to work on my iPod. I want to be entertained on my iPod.

I totally get that I carry both devices anyway and less devices to keep track of or keep in my pockets is a good thing, but I like the idea that they are separate even more.

Let me give you a real life example. I hook my ipod to my computer at work to get some podcasts, songs, or even a TV show. (Season 3 of The Office anyone?) I do this every day to recharge the battery as well. While I’m syncing or charging, get a phone call. It’s from home so I would like to step away from my computer/cubicle for some privacy.

“Um, hold on….. I’m trying to eject my iPhone from the computer so that I can un-hook it”


The iPhone promises to do other things as well. E-mail, chatting and internet browsing. I like some e-mail about the same as I like cell phone calls. But I do get some entertainment out of them. I really like the idea of having a wi-fi connected entertainment device that lets me surf the internets, especially with a touch screen. Bring it on!

So here is what I’m waiting for: The tablet iPod. Leave the phone with it’s heinous data-plans and 2-year contracts for the work-aholic crackberry addicts. I’ll take entertainment over function every time.


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