Today's work out

Ok. I haven't been using to log my work outs. In
fact, much of the updates on my sidebar where planned workouts, with no
actual time logged. I need to go delete those. I think I will continue
to use for races and PRs. I really do like the
widgets for that.

Since, I like the idea of keeping track of what I did for motivation,
I'll just email my workouts to this blog. That's what I'm doing now. It
seems easier, since I'm on email all day anyway. The only thing it
won't have is reporting. I'm not sure what to do about that.

Anyway, today I ran 1.5 miles before work. I'm trying to get in the
habit of driving to the gym in Provo, working out and then get ready at
the gym for work. I figure I can save some time there. Time saved by
both decreased shower time and decreased commute time because I leave
earlier in the morning without really waking up any earlier.


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