Ogden Marthon 5k - Can I make it?

Note: This is a post from my other blog ArmchairTriathlete. I wanted to post it here too because I just couldn't decide which blog to post it to.

I started this blog over 2 years ago. Since then I have done a few 5ks, a triathlon, learned to swim and completed a half marathon. I also started weight training, yoga (better stretching really), trail running and hiking.

It's amazing progress really. But as evidenced by my posts on this blog, I'm flaking a bit, I haven't done much in the excercise world since last August. I have two excuses. Having a baby and finishing my basement. The baby is doing great and the basement is done (sort of) and I am left to start over again with fitness. I can't run a mile right now at least not easily anyway.

At work we have a chart that we color in for every 30 minutes of excercise we do. It's a good motivator. Just seeing those spaces next to my name prompts me to walk at lunch.

I know from past experience that a good 5k foot race is a great motivator as well. I've been thinking about doing the Ogden Marathon - Five K for a while now and I'm just under 8 weeks from the starting line. Can I make it?

Here are some details form the site.

Ogden Marathon - Five K

"Date and Time: Saturday, May 19, 2007 – 7:00 a.m.

If your GOAL is to compete in a 5K run, this is the race for you. Participants receive a technical t-shirt, race goody bag, an invitation to the Ogden Marathon Expo and downtown pre-race pasta dinners on Historic 25th Street, and finish line festivities at the Ogden Municipal Park.

Entry Fee
Before April 30th: $25
May 1 - 15th: $35

Start Line
The 5K start is near the Timbermine Restaurant at 1701 Park Blvd. on the Ogden River Parkway. Baby joggers will be allowed, but for safety purposes, they must begin their run at the back of the 5k start line.
Finish Line:
The finish line is at 25th and Grant Ave. at the Ogden Municipal Gardens.


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