Hiking : Davis County, Utah

This graphic is from the Davis County website. It is a map of the trails available in Davis County. This doesn't include the paved trail system like the one at Jensen Park. I was pleased to see that I have been on 7 of 11. I need to make a goal of visiting the other four. Maybe I'll do some Everytrail.com routes and write more about them.

1 Bonneville Shoreline Trail -- Been there, at least parts. It's a pretty long trail that extends across several counties.
2 Kays Creek/Fernwood Trail -- Been there for both hiking and mountain biking.
3 Adams Canyon -- Steep beginning but worth it for the cool waterfalls.
4 Kaysville East Mountain Wilderness Park and Webb Canyon Trail -- I used to do some trail running here.
5 Baer Canyon Trail
6 Farmington Canyon Scenic Backway
-- I've ony visited breifly.
7 Parrish Creek
8 Holbrook Canyon Trail
9 Mueller Park Trail
-- This is my favorite mountain bike trail of them all.
10 North Canyon Trail
11 Antelope Island State Park
-- Of course, I love Antelope Island!

For more information on these trails please visit Hiking :: DavisCounty, Utah . That way I won't feel guily for copying their images and info.


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