Canyon Sports Rental Equipment - Hey I know that guy

In high school I worked at a small sporting goods retail store called the Army Navy Economy Store. Although it had a bunch of military surplus we had a good share of outdoor gear. Tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, camping gear and more. The owners of the store also owned Canyon Sports in Salt Lake City. I spent a lot of time looking at all the gear but never really got to use it. I focused instead on the ski gear we carried and spent most weekends skiing Powder Mountain. Years later, I've changed a bit. I don't ski much any more. It's too expensive and I find that I would like to spend more time hiking, biking and running. All relatively free of cost. I would also like to learn some new things like camping and paddling. It appears that the old Army Navy Economy Store has evolved too. They've changed their name to Canyon Sports Outfitters and focus solely on outdoor gear. Now it's a bit ironic that when I was googling around trying to find a place to rent a kayak these guys were the only ones in my neck of the woods. On the Canyon Sports Rental Equipment page I see that I can get a canoe for $20 a day. That's not bad considering the folks at the Great Salt Lake want $30-40. Of course at the Great Salt Lake the boat is already in the water. If I went with the Canyon Sport craft I would have to figure out how to get it to the water. I am sure that is much easier said then done. I think my first attempt will be at the GSL but if I like it or want to paddle some where else I'll give my old employer a shot.


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