Kayaking the Great Salt Lake

I had lunch in a Tasty's Donuts sandwich shop today. While I ate I stared at a wall mural of the Great Salt Lake. The islands of this dead sea were painted without regard to scale so I could see them all. I don't live far from the road to the lake's largest island, Antelope Island. I enjoy visiting Antelope Island State Park and last year I hiked to the top of it's highest peak. It's a cool place. I'm considering getting an annual park pass so that I'll have an excuse to explore the island trails more often. But staring at this mural reminded me that there is more to this lake then its islands. There is a lot of water out there.

I had some high school friends who tried to row a inflatable raft to the island in the 80's when the causeway to the island was washed out. After several hours of paddling the raft lost all air and sank. They didn't even make it half way. I think they swam/waded back at twice the speed they rowed. I thought they were crazy then and I mostly hold he same opionio now. But looking at the mural and its scale-less island images, I thought about the possibility of rowing from island to island. Is it possible? Am I crazy? How long would it take? Has anyone ever done it?

I think I will find out. The logical starting point will Great Salt Lake Kayak Adventure. They sponsor tours and sea kayak rentals on the Great Salt Lake. I'm dying to try it. According to the site "Sea kayaking is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the world. It is low impact on the participant and the environment. Kayaks are efficient, stable, and seaworthy. They allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy a true wilderness experience. You can observe shore birds and wildlife in an unobtrusive way or simply lose yourself in a sunset. Basic kayaking skills are easy to learn and the experience of propelling yourself across open water is intrinsically rewarding. Most of all you will find that kayaking on the Great Salt Lake is just plain fun."

Wish me luck.


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