Home Improvement Excuses

I didn't log anything for the last two days. I did some yoga poses on Wednesday night. I didn't log it because it it was late at night and it didn't take long so it hardly counts as a workout. I didn't do anything last night because I spent most of it at The Home Depot getting ready to lay tile at my house. I can't wait for my home improvement project to end! It's been rewarding to see my hands make something but it has been a VERY long project. It needs to end.

I'm not all excuses though. I worked out today. I did the 12X12 strength exercises. I like those, it has been a long time since I spent time with weights. It feels pretty good. That lasted about 20 minutes. I finished up with some walking on the treadmill. I put the treadmill on the steepest hill setting possible. I think that is a good simulation for hiking. It feels more natural then the stair machines. The incline of your foot plant really works the calves. Stepping flat on the stair steppers seems to focus the thighs more.


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