One of my ideas for geosports was to have a site where people could share, via the web, the places in which they play. They'd do it by uploading a gps file to a website and display it on a map with some pictures and stories. Others could comment and even download the file to try on their own.

I have seen several sites that do some of this but many were myopic in the type of activity they promoted. Some are hiking-centric others running-centric etc. I wanted to do more. I like to do more. It would be cool to have a website for all of the outdoor activities people enjoy. It's so much more fun to do a lot of different sports, in a lot of different places. Variety keeps me going and I'm sure there are others that agree.

I found that site today. At first glance, it seems to fit the spirit of what I'm calling geosports. EveryTrail.com is a very cool site that does what I only day-dream of. Check it out. It's far better than my vapor-ware ideas and I'm conceding that it's probably best to leave programming a site like this to someone with far more talent (and time) than I have.

I'll stick to trying to write about the activities I enjoy.

Here is what the site creators envision.

EveryTrail is an online platform that enables you to visualize your travel and outdoor activities and share these with likeminded people from all over the world. With EveryTrail you can easily upload GPS data you recorded while out on the trail and add your photos and notes, to create a visual record of your outdoor activity. EveryTrail was created by a small group of passionate travel and outdoor enthusiasts, out of dissatisfaction with current solutions to share trips with friends and likeminded people. Over the years, we've created numerous personal websites and blogs to share our outdoor adventures with family, friends and other outdoor enthusiasts and while doing so we discovered that standard web technologies are not well-suited for sharing outdoor activities. We believe that the best way to share outdoor activities is to place your photos and notes along your trails. Trails are the essence of outdoor activities and active travel. A picture may say more than a thousand words, but when you place that picture in its geographical context along the trail you followed, you express more about your activity than you could ever express with pictures and words alone.

EveryTrail.com already plays host to many different activities. Here are the popular ones.

Road Biking
Mountain Biking
Trail Running
Alpine Skiing

The performance of the site seems slow but I'm excited about the possibilities. I am planning on exploring the site more and uploading some files. I'll embed them in this blog to share.

It should be noted that I found this site by reading Scott Dunlap's blog post GPS addiction with Motionbased and Everytrail . It's a good read about the future of gps receivers and the activities they'll enhance.


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