Adventure Author - Mike Graf

If I were to write a book about adventure in the outdoors, I might consider mimicking the style of the the book Adventures with the Parkers by Mike Graf.

I heard about the books while listening to the Utah Outdoors podcast and bought the first book Danger in the Narrows within the week. According to the interview, Mike loves the outdoors and the National Parks. He's visits around 20 a year! On his visits, he'd listen to Park Rangers, take the tours, hike the trails and make notes of it all in his voice recorder. Then he'd compile his notes, experiences and park facts to merge into the lives of his fictional characters, the Parkers.

What a cool idea! These books are geared for a younger audience so I've been reading the book with my two boys. Although I can't speak for them, the facts and history of the parks that are woven into the story really keep me interested. I can say however, that my 6 year old was captivated when we read about the family's encounter with a rattle snake.

Good stuff.


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