Whatever I feel like! Gosh!

I'm giving myself permission to do whatever the heck I want. So I started a new blog.

[The geopsports blogs] are a work in progress and it will surely change over time. I'm trying to learn CSS and XHTML and I want to practice over there. I'm also finding a lot of info on the net about outdoors stuff and I wanted a place to collect it all. Those things didn't seem to fit the theme here so I started a new one.

I haven't decided the fate of this blog. I'm sure I will post here when I do another race or something similar. Trust me, I will do more races. They're fun!

As for this little blog, I started it as way to learn what blogging was all about and as a way to motivate myself to get fit and do something big. It did a little bit of that I think that is what I am doing with geosports, just in a different way.


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