The idea behind the Armchair Triathlete moniker is that while I enjoy staying active and participating in races and other endurance activities like the 3 triathlon sports, I also enjoy reading. It's the armchair side of Armchair Triathlete. I especially enjoy reading about people and their pursuits. I've read about fascinating athletes like Lynne Cox, Dean Karnazes, Lance Armstrong, Micheal Jordan, Greg Lemond, Roger Bannister and many more. I've also read the words of great thinkers like Jim Collins, Stephen R. Covey and David Allen. Other biographies by John McCain, Scott O'Grady, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch and Scott Turow have also influenced my thinking.

In part, I am what I read. For a long time I have wanted to compile a list of all the books I have read or listened to. You know, so one day, my kids could know a bit more about me. It seems like a good idea anyway. I borrow most books from the local library so no one will be able to physically look at my personal library in my massive study. Oh wait, I don't have a massive study. That's not the point. The point is that I've tried keeping a list of the books I read but looking at a list of books is boring if not painful. Keeping the list isn't any better. on the other hand is kind of fun. In a matter of minutes I compiled a list of 30 books that I either own or have borrowed from the library. Adding a book is a point and click process that gives all of the bibliographic information as well as a picture of the book, giving that browsing through a massive study full of books feel. I haven't added all the books to my "library". I can't remember them all. (I should have kept a list) I did however, remember a bunch I forgot about using the related and recommended books feature. If by chance I do remember all my books, I can only add 200 with my free account. I wonder if I have even read 200 books. I don't know. I should have kept a list. :)

Another cool feature of the web site is the blog widget. I can add, and I did, a random sampling of the books in my library to my blog. Very cool. So if your interested in my library take a look here. Otherwise, enjoy the pretty book pictures in my sidebar.


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