Introducing Buckeye Outdoors: The Best Online Training Log

I've added a new feature to my blog thanks to What a cool site. It's a place for me to log my training and it publishes to my blog's sidebar via a java applet. (Look left.) Supercool. It also has a way for me to put a training plan and peg my future races on the board. The site is fairly new and the site administrator "superheroben" is super responsive to requests and talented to boot. Great site.

So in a sense my blog activity will increase, not as posts, but in the sidebar.

On another note, I am hooked on the Tour de France. I think I am finally starting to get what it is all about. The strategy, teams, the doping. OK not doping. Overall it's fun stuff. Here are my favorite sites.
This link is great for listening live when you get in to work. It's usually over by 9 or 10 AM MDT
Cool video clips of the race
See the tour in 3-D. I love google earth. Be sure to use the tilt feature


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