Spending a night in a tent with two little boys makes me wonder if camping ought to be an endurance sport. A week ago, the boys and I headed up on a Friday night after work to our church's annual Father and Son's campout. I don't like sleeping on the ground but air mattresses make it tolerable so I made sure I picked up a couple at Target during my lunch break. We arrived at the campground around 8:00. Setting up camp was easy and since we ate pizza before we left we just spent the rest of the evening goofing around. It was a lot of fun. Around 10:30 it started to rain which sent many to bed early including us. Unfortunatly, most of the teenagers stayed up and played night games. It never really got quiet until about 1:00. By that time, one of the three airbeds was flat and the second was well on its way. No matter. My mattress stayed tall and morning came quickly. We enjoyed the morning, went on a mini hike, floated home-made boats in the stream and played in the dirt. We left for home tired and satisfied. It was a great time.


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