Gasp! I like to swim!

I didn't think I would ever say the words "I like to swim". But I'm saying it with confidence and a straight face. Here is what I wrote of swimming nearly two years ago in my first armchair triathlete blog post.

I can't swim. In fact, hydrophobia is very real to me. The only stroke I know is the "survival stroke." But there was that few months I worked out at a gym with a pool doing water drills. Things like [water-]running, water-aerobics and even a few [thrashing]laps. That wasn't all that bad. Maybe I could learn to swim after all. So I did what I usually do...I went to the library and borrowed a book about swimming, read it and made index cards of drills I would practice if I ever actually went to a pool. Once again 80% knowledge 20% behavior. I have to figure out how to turn that around.

I've come a long way. I believe I did figure out a way to turn it around. It has been a great life lesson for me and I like to hope, a good example for my children. If you currently can't do something, that doesn't mean you will never be able to do it. Unless of course you believe that you can't and you won't. I chose to believe that I could learn to swim. I chose to believe that if others could learn to swim so could I. I chose to conquer my fear. It hasn't been easy and I do have more to learn but I've reached a new level from practice, persistence and learning. A level of confidence, endurance and skill. What a thrill.


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