My Next Goal: Great Salt Lake Half Marathon

At the risk of calling out the digital demons and the curse of the blog, I am putting another stake in the ground and declaring the Great Salt Lake Half Marathon as my next racing goal. I've declared this before. Here is an entry posted on April 17, 2005:

Great Salt Lake Half Marathon - August 20th I drive portions of this race course every day. I consider it my hometown race, yet I have never done it. This year I have a soft commitment to it as I am not sure I have that distance in my legs with all the swimming I need to do to prepare for my triathlon.

Well it isn't a soft commitment anymore. I have every intention of finishing this in '06. I have crossed off some short events like a 5k, 10k, mini-sprint triathlon and I want to make the 13.1 miles a part of that list. With a half under my belt I will feel that much closer to a marathon and longer distance tri's.

I'm proud of my achievements, however small or spread-out they may be. To some they may seem insignificant. Subscribing to magazines, listening to podcasts and reading internet blogs on running and triathlon can be motivating but can also add a sense of failure to a regular Joe like me. In the hyped up endurance world, running one race a year or "only a 5k" can seem soft or unworthy of any praise. After all, an Ironman completes these distances in an off week. But then I look at the larger percentage of America and feel proud that I exercise, set and achieve goals and provide a good example to my children. One day I may finishing a marathon, cycling century, or Ironman but I bet then even as now I will be proud of my first 5k, my first 10k, my first sprint tri and soon my first half marathon.


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