How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off

I'm surprised at how well the concept Steve Pavlina describes in his article How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off works. Many of Steve's suggestions for personal productivity are pretty intense and I pass them off as "not for me" suggestions. Practicing getting up to the sound of your alarm during the day while wide awake is something I never thought of, but made total sense and promised to help me in one of my weakest area. Pavlov proved the concept with his dogs and I proved it with the alarm clock.

I have been known to set my alarm for up to an hour before my intended wake up time because I knew that I would hit the snooze button 4 or 5 times before I realized that I should be getting up. The extra minutes sleeping wasn't restful or beneficial because it was interrupted ever 9 minutes. But I couldn't seem to stop it. I've tried dozens of tricks. Putting the alarm across the room didn't work. Setting the clock forward by 10, 15, even 30 minutes to trick myself into thinking it was later than it was didn't work either. I've never won the battle of the mattress.

Until now.

It seems a little goofy to practice what you will do when your alarm goes off but it totally worked for me. Practicing takes the task from your conscious mind and gives it to your subconscious. I spent a few minutes each evening for a couple nights practicing the routine I wanted to follow and each morning I did exactly what I practiced! I actually couldn't not do it. I was so bent on getting out of bed like the night before that I really didn't have a choice. I haven't been able to snooze past the initial alarm for a week and a half. Thanks Steve! I have no doubt that I have won the battle of the mattress forever.

If you have any problems with waking up in the morning then you must read this article and try it out.
How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off


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