A Week Away

I mailed off my registration to next week's Bountiful triathlon. I am so excited. It has been a lot of fun training for this in the last few weeks. I really enjoy the variety of this sport.

Springtime is such a great time of year for getting outside. It was particularly enjoyable last week when I went to Legoland in Carlsbad, CA for a family vacation. Carlsbad was overflowing with runners. I couldn't believe how many people were running around the city. On or around the beach was particularly busy with jogging. I rarely see a runner in my neighborhood, so to see so many folks out excercising was quite motivating. I thought about trying a run on the beach but a jaunt to the bathrooms was my only attempt. There was however a really neat trail near our hotel that I used. The track was made of the same compacted sand found along the ocean. The mid 60's weather with an ocean breeze was a dream. I had fun exploring around with my trusty Garmin GPS keeping tabs on my whereabouts. I was surpised at how many cottontail rabbits were running about. One particular rabbit startled me when it darted out in front of me. What a hoot.

Getting in a workout for the other two sports required a bit more effort though. I knew the hotel had a pool so I figured I could get in my swimming laps. Well, the pool was only 10 yards long. That's a lot of turning around. I didn't spend a lot of time trying to get laps in but any time spent in the water is a good thing. With my scarce swimming background getting used to the water is a form of practice. My kids love to swim so they made sure we went swiming every chance we got. The hotel had a stationary bike but it was a recumbent. Again something is better than nothing so a put my time in on the clunky beast. Only once.

I never thought that I would enjoy excercising on a vacation but it really added some flavor. The triathlon life tends to do that.


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