The Curse of the Blog

Within days of posting about not being sick this year, I did just that. I got sick. Hurling is a great abs workout though so at least I was able to check off strength training on my weekly plan. Really, last week was a total bust but this week was good. I bounced back well. At this point, I am going to knock very loud and long on wood to ward off any blog jinxes that are still lurking. I took the first part of this week slow and I think it was a good move to be patient as I feel strong again.

I am starting to get stoked about racing in April. I have listened to so many podcasts in the last little while that I feel like a drug addict. Maybe I need to slow down on the motivational crack candy. The podcast induced energy encourages going hard and fast but I know that will lead to bad things this time of year like injury and sickness. At any rate, the enthusiasm is contagious and fun. I have noticed the spread of the triathlon bug at the gym as well. It seemed that at least a third of the people in the locker room where I swim were talking about doing a tri. All shapes and sizes. All talent levels as well.

Welcome to the club.


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