How slow am I really going?

Even though I am happy with my Garmin Foretrex, I do have one regret. I occasionally want to know what my pace is for running. The Garmin Forerunner provides this information automatically but the Foretrex shows only mph. Thanks to the WWW, a conversion table is easily found. Check out FitSense - Speed Pace Tables. Very cool.

Speaking of going slow, a year ago today, I wrote about being sick a lot in Sick Again - Will It Ever End? A Flu Season Report . This year, knock on wood, I haven't gotten the flu once. I attribute it to a change in philosopy. Training in late winter and now early spring I have concentrated heavily on aerobic base building and have trained mostly in Zone 1. Zone 1 is a heart rate zone that is 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. I do go slower but I have been able to stay more consistant because I am not suffering the setbacks of going too fast and too hard and then crashing with the flu because my body is fatigued and stressed. I am convinced that working at this level has helped strenghthened my immmune system as well. Having a strong aerobic base will help me later in the year as well. So keep that spring fever at bay for another month and go slow. You will be glad you did.


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