More Podcasts Please

I recently took a new job and my commute is over an hour each way. Not bad for LA but way to far in Utah. I pass the time with my iPod and a slew of podcasts. My favorites are:

The Dave Ramsey Show - Advise on becoming debt free and thousands of listener's experiences doing so.

Zen and the Art of Triathlon - My virutal triathlete buddy talk.

Endurance Radio - Interviews of hundreds of different endurance athletes.

Michigan Cycling Podcast - An NPR style look at cycling - lotsof info.

Yogamazing - Not a show I can listen to on the road. But I consider the videos a permanent part of my fitness plan.

iRunning Radio - All running talk.

I have posted about most of the podcasts I listen to previously but I haven't said much about iRunning radio. I made a note to post about it this week after listening to the podcast about running with partners. It really struck a chord about the why we really run at all. Bonnie and Jim, the shows originators, talk with Kathy, one of Bonnie's long time running partners, about the joys of running with a partner and what to look for when "picking" one. The show talked about running with partners but the message was so clearly about why we run at all. Running is such a great form of expression and release. Running with a friend has the ability to connect your soul. Running alone can be great for relaxing and detatching. Either way, running enhances and magnifies the connnecting or detaching effort because it forces you to focus on the moment. Sometimes we just want to get away from it all. The stress, the to do lists and the piles of things to do. But just driving somewhere like the store or flopping on the couch in front of the TV rarely gets you far enough away from the worries. Your mind is still hanging on. Running forces you away as you focus only on breathing and moving. What a great release. Running with a friend creates a new stage for communicating. It seems, and the show talked about it, that there is this great anonymity and freshness to chatting on the run. You can talk and listen with a clean slate because you are so focused on the moment. Running forces that.

Get out and run.

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