Almost 6 years ago, I hosed up my back in Vancouver, Canada. ("Hosed" seems appropriate for a Canadian injury.) I remember the date well, because I was deeply entrenched in preparations for the Y2K end-of-the-world-I-gotta-pay-thousands-of-dollars-for-a-consultant-to-make-my-computer-system-work frenzy. I was the consultant. I also had a serious case of the flu and for whatever reason I couldn't find any decent drugs. So I went to work everyday in a horribly achy way. Each day I would walk about an quarter of a mile to the office from my hotel. On the walk, I would carry on my shoulder my laptop bag. A laptop bag that was so full of computer junk and papers that I would lean way over to the left to carry it. It was so cold and I was so sick that by the end of the week I had developed a permanent Charlie-horse between my shoulder blade and spine. I am guessing here, but that muscle cramp eventually altered my spine into a wavy s-shape. I know because I saw the X-Rays a year later at the chiropractor. The chiropractor did some nice adjustments and I eventually felt fine and stopped going but traveling and poor bag carrying techniques have eventually re-produced the problem. Since chiropractors typically hold office hours for 5 hours a week (so it seems) I have looked for other ways to strengthen my back and keep it aligned. Enter yoga and the video iPod. I loaded episode 1 of the YOGAmazing podcast to my 30 gig two-weeks ago and with every session my back feels stronger and straighter. I love it. Watching yoga on my iPod (and then blogging about it) is more trendy then I care to admit, but I have to say it is a really effective way to watch an exercise video. If you have ever watched an exercise video you know that 90 percent of the time your head and therefore your eyes are engaged in what your body is trying to do and you are unable to actually look at the TV. With the iPod you can hold the "TV" and move it to exactly where you need it. Like put it on the floor in front of you as you are trying that down dog thing. The other advantage was that I could do it in my room. Alone. With no one watching. I tried yoga in the family room once and my 3 year old thought it was an open invitation to ride the horsey and repeatedly jumped up on my back. We still play horsey but I don't need an instructional video for that.


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