Someday I will run with the antelope

I've always loved Antelope Island, the largest island in Utah's Great Salt Lake, so I was excited to see the newest trail race in Utah is the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25K and 50K. When I decide it is time to try a long distance trail run this will be my first choice.

Some excerpts from the race site @

Cutoffs The race starts at 8am sharp. We may have an early start option. We'll let you know on the website here. The race ends at 4pm. We have to have cutoffs (not to wear silly) so we can go home eventually, so, there's an 8 hour time limit for either race and a 4 hour cutoff for the first loop of the 50k. That should be plenty of time since it's an easy course (of course).

Schwag We hope to have some good schwag for everyone. Everyone who enters and starts the race will get a T-shirt (were looking at possibly a technical type shirt rather than cotton) and whatever other stuff we can get companies to give us or sell to us cheap. We're going to try and get both men's and women's style shirts rather than a one type for everybody. Your entry also gets you a pass to the island for your car and everyone in it (normally $8) for anytime after 3pm Friday and all day Saturday. 25k finishers will get a baseball type runner's hat, the 50k finishers will get a long sleeve technical shirt.

Aid There will be two refreshment stops, the start/finish area and a place called ?lone tree?, you'll understand when you see it. After you start, lone tree is at about 3.5 miles, then again at 8 miles, then the start area at 15 miles, repeat for the 50k, so carry sufficient water or your liquid of choice to get you through 7 miles. These stops will be stocked with the usual assortment of ultrafood and beverages.

Watching the race The course is a wide open trail, no cover, and in certain areas, you can see for several miles. Friends and family are welcome to hike the trail, bring your horse along, bring the kids, dogs (must be on a leash at all times). Bring the binoculars too. There are numerous places from which family, friends, and anyone who's interested can watch your progress, or lack thereof. We'll have some maps available pointing out the best places to watch and cheer your runner (or slogger) on.

Other Activities We're going to try and have one of the park rangers put on some children's activities (buffalo chip toss anyone?). There's also a wonderful visitor's center and the Fielding Garr Ranch at the south end of the island.


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