Thou Shalt Not Covet

At Thanksgiving dinner my sister-in-law reminded me that she intends on buying a road bike and doing a century (100 mile ride) next year. She's never been a cyclist and doesn't know much about bikes, so the thought of her having a newer and better bike turns me a little green. I've been wanting to make the jump to a road bike anyway so I did a little on-line window shopping today and found this beauty. I really don't know a thing about it other than the snippet on a local bike shop's website.

The Transition Multi is a great choice for aspiring triathletes, distance riders and hammerheads. It features Specialized's lively A1-Aluminum frameset and a 27-speed Shimano/Specialized drivetrain for easy climbing. Plus, it boasts aero clip-on bars, aero wheels and a ride so nice you won't want to stop pedaling.

The Specialized site says this:

Equally at home on a Tuesday morning training ride, Saturday's 100km club race, or next month's triathlon, the Multi-Sport is specifically designed for someone that wants one bike to do it all. A triathlon / road training parts mix paired with cutting edge materials and manufacturing methods creates a super light, extremely efficient bike.

I feel faster and more fit already! The price is WAY out of my range, but it will be fun to go "try it on" at my favorite bike shops.


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