Trifecta Perfecta

I just finished off my planned work-outs for the week. It feels great
to accomplish what you set out to do. Winning isn't reserved to
competitions with others. It can be as simple as keeping your
commitments with yourself. Some things I re-learned this week.

  • Starting is the hardest part

  • When your body is focused on breathing and moving, anxiety about work is

  • Finishing feels great

  • A recent memory of a great finish makes it easier to start the next time

I also had a great morale boost in swimming. I decided to count the
strokes of a man in the pool as he did his laps. He looked like a
competent swimmer and I've never felt like one. I was bolstered and
surprised to find that my stroke count was the same as his! I'm not a
beginner anymore!


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