Running Retreat

I packed my running shoes and camera for a retreat my wife and I took to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. The picture above was taken at the Snowbasin ski resort just before breakfast. It may sound odd, but I love to take my digital camera with me and prop it on a stump, rock or bush and take a picture of the beautiful surroundings I happen to find myself in. Using the 10 second timer function I can usually streak through the picture to get an action shot. They don't always work out. The one posted above left me a little blurry because the early morning sun was still blocked by the towering peaks. Or was I just really fast? I don't spend too much time taking pictures. A good idea is to do it after a short warm up and stretch and before starting out on the real run. Either way it is a fun way to look forward to a new run. Capturing a new run in pictures makes for a motivating way to start the adventure and a great way to remember it.

Look for ways to make your runs more enjoyable. Run in a mountain setting with a camera, jog through a suburban neighborhood with a friend or sprint on a high school track with a new set of tunes. Making a run more fun with a few tricks has helped me to run more often. When I run more often, I feel great.


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