Net Zero Time

I've made time for some swimming and biking lately and it seems the time spent was actually time returned.

Let me explain. I had an exceedingly long day at work this week followed by a normally long commute. When I got home, I just new it was shaping up to be a long dreadful evening with the attitude I was throwing around. Fortunately, when I got home no one was there to hear my complaints or to field my selfish requests. Without any reason not to, I put on my shorts filled my water bottle and jumped on my Trek 7000. Immediately my mood began to change. I rode hard and fast towards a rural road with little traffic. My heart pounded and sweat came easily. The average temperature has been in the high 90's the past two weeks and it has been easy to opt out of a ride because of the heat. Not today. The sweat was washing away my tension. The pounding blood was flushing my brain. The wind was blowing my bad mood. I returned exhausted but alive. My family was home now and this time I was ready to be. The time spent was really saved. My evening was enjoyable and focused on my wife and kids. I've got to do this more often.


  1. I think I need to do the same, as work and life seem to wear me down lately too. Thanks for the encoragement by action......DMW


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