Physical Comfort - Get Your Own

I just went in for my first physical in a LOOOONG time. I was prompted to do so by a recent heart attack my dad had along with perceived chest pains of my own. My gut said it was a bit psychological (sympathy pains) and anxiety related but to be safe I made an appointment to get checked anyway. I am glad I did. As an active person all my life, I have ignored the admonition to check with a doctor before starting any exercise program. I never really started an exercise program, I've always been in an exercise program of some sort.

The comfort of a recent physical does a lot for your psyche. Today's physical was painless. I had my weight checked, pee-ed in a cup, had some blood taken and because I mentioned my concerns of heart troubles, I had an EKG test. The doctor was unconcerned because everything checked out ok. I will call in and check my blood and urine work tomorrow to cap it all off. If I still have concerns, pains or problems I can sign up to get an ultrasound for additional comfort.

Even if you are fit, you may consider getting a checkup as I did. At a minimum, it will get it off your mind and be one less thing to stress about.

For more on this topic check out the The American Heart Association website and Questions To Ask Your Healthcare Professional from the same site.


  1. Though I am not as avid an athlete as you, I did the same for peace of mind, and it all turned out great. So I guess I am saying, that I totally agree with the idea of getting checked out to be sure and safe. Then any time you feel like excercising, you can just "go for it"!


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