My Secret Trail Running

I have a secret. A secret I keep from myself.

I don't know what it is, but I can rarely successfully schedule my workouts. It is as if a scheduling gremlin who really doesn't want me to have ANY fun is watching my calendar and handheld computer to see if I have anything fun going on. If he does find something, then he does everything possible to sabotage it. This is why I now keep my workouts a secret. In my last post I discussed the possibility of writing potential workouts in a check list rather then put them in a calendar. I tried it for a week and I actually had more workouts in one week than the previous three weeks combined. I just spring them on me.

One of my favorite new runs is on a trail just 5 minutes off the interstate on my nightly commute. The surprise is that by combining my run with my commute, it takes less time and planning than a seperate effort of going to the gym or breaking away from the house once I get home.

My Secret Running Spot

The trail begins at the East Mountain Wilderness Park in Kaysville, Utah. I first ran the trail one evening after taking a self imposed detour from sitting in grid-lock for nearly 45 minutes. I usually have running gear in the trunk of my car for my once-scheduled gym workouts, so I knew that I could quickly change and get a run in before getting home. The result was 20 minutes of heart and leg pounding delight.

A view of the first leg of the trail that eventually leads to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

I actually took these pictures on a previous hike with my boys. After the hike I knew I needed to try to run it.

Since my discovery of mid-commute trail running, I have run four different routes, visited 2 waterfalls and discovered that running in Dockers pants (because I forgot my shorts) isn't that bad considering the alternative of sitting on my seat stuck in traffic.


  1. Great idea! I will have to look for a "trail run" on my commute home today. :)SB

  2. Will you please point out exactly where I can find these waterfalls? I would love to take pictures of them for my collection.And that is a good idea to just surprise yourself into a workout. I like the concept.D.W....SLC

  3. Here is a map in case anyone would like to go.The Davis County Website has some good information about the trail as well.Thanks for reading!


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