Think and Grow Fit

Napolean Hill penned "Think and Grow Rich" and asserted that thoughts are powerful things in building wealth. Thoughts are powerful things in become fit as well.

It may appear that the terms armchair and triathlete is a contradiction. I think we all have moments of struggle between the two physical states of sedentary and active. But a sedentary body can be a productive one. Mental preparedness is crucial in solid performance, whether athletic or not. Taking the time to contemplate, think, plan and dream are essential elements to any training program or pursuit. Don’t favor training over thinking and certainly don’t neglect thinking in your training. It is the wonderful balance of the two, the yin and the yang, that will make you successful.

I don’t speak of the success of winning every race or contest, but certainly the success of a fulfilled and enjoyable lifestyle.

So go on think, do, learn, go, teach, read, write, all of it, and you will find you grow more then following a cookie cutter plan found in your favorite magazine or article on the web.

Will you over-train by following your own thoughts Maybe. Under-train? Maybe. Will you be satisfied that you finally listened to your heart and did something about it. Yes!

Don’t get me wrong you can’t get away with just sitting in your armchair and daydreaming about what might be. Doing is required. Nor should you try to recreate the wheel in training research. Reading, learning and even coaching is all essential. The key is to sit and think and internalize all these messages and inputs around you and then apply those thoughts. Have you never quite understood how exactly a low-carb diet and high endurance training is going to leave you feeling energetic? Maybe you need more armchair time and re-think the concept. Are you not sure why your heart rate rockets through the roof when you put on your heart rate monitor? Maybe you just need more training time to build your aerobic base.

The point here is the armchair triathlete isn’t really an oxymoron at all, it is an harmonic being. It is an insightful exercise of the physical body and mind. So on your next scheduled rest day don’t rest your mind. Plop into your armchair and study your plan or read some inspirational books. Discover why and how you want to be fit. When you internalize it you will become successful.


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