Cycling the Great Salt Lake

A ribbon of asphalt parts the brine filled waters of the Great Salt Lake. I explore it by clipping my feet into pedals and riding the 7 miles from shore to island shore.

The causeway to Antelope Island is owned by Davis County and the island itself is an Utah State Park. As such, there is a four dollar fee for me and my bike. The entrance gate attendant informs me that for only 40 dollars, I can have a one year pass that will not only allow me to break even in 10 cycling trips but will also allow me to bring a friend on a bike for free. That's only 20 bucks a piece if I share the cost. I am not committed to coming back as this is this is my first attempt, so I pay only the four dollars.

Riding along the shores of a sea is not easily taken for granted by a landlocked desert dweller. The humid breeze is one benefit. Watching migratory canadian geese, mallard ducks, white-faced ibis, long-billed curlew, snowy plover is another.

In my two hour ride about 20 cyclists passed me. Most of them were in an organized group ride. One, like me, was solo on a mountain bike. I had renewed thoughts about the annual buddy pass for $40 so that I could draft behind another through the breeze and keep up with the group pace. Today the wind is relativly calm but that is rare in the spring. Today I make a full 20 miles round trip but over 50 miles could be traveled by including the paved roads of Antelope Island. I decide that I should lay down some more base training before I do that. Maybe the annual pass will be a good idea.


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