2005 Race and Event Schedule

I've set my eye on a few events in which I would like to participate. The criteria of choosing them is not very scientific. Ease of entry seems to be a common characteristic followed closely by familiarity with the event or the venue. I also tried to pick only one event per month.

Salt Lake City Marathon 5k - April 23rd - In only its second year it already has the greatest familiarity amongst locals due in part to the aggressive ad campains and its position as one of the first races of the season. I plan on participating in the 5k. Next year I will likely choose to the 25 mile bike tour instead and may consider doing both. If the timing works out it would be a great "brick"

Cycle Salt Lake Century 2005 - May 21st From what I read this looks like a super friendly bike tour for families. Since I am new to touring events, I thought this event would be the least intimidating. It consists of 3 loops of 31, 67 and 100 miles on a route of mostly flat terrain. I will do the 31 miler.

Cache Valley Biathlon - June 11th This is a 5 mile run followed by a 20 mile run. I don't know much about this event other than I have wanted to do it for nearly 5 years but have never made it.

Mountain Challenge Trail Run - July 16th Until recently I have never considered a trail running event, but this one seemed so inviting. There is a 5k and a 10k loop. For my first attempt I will likely choose the 5k.

Great Salt Lake Half Marathon - August 20th I drive portions of this race course every day. I consider it my hometown race, yet I have never done it. This year I have a soft commitment to it as I am not sure I have that distance in my legs with all the swimming I need to do to prepare for my triathlon.

Ogden Valley Triathlon - September 17th I feel pressured to include this race because of my blog title. Pressure is good! This could be my first ever triathlon. I need to get my swimming ready. An open water swim is not something I can mentally take lightly. All the reading, preparing and training should come to a pinnacle this fall.


  1. Sounds like some great races! Here is a post to my 2005 race schedule as well: http://www.ktoddstorch.com/k_todd_storchs_weblog/2005/06/2005_race_sched.htmlTodd


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