Sick Again - Will It Ever End? A Flu Season Report

In my personal training, I had a nice little pre-spring streak going. 5 days of training after a lay-off of nearly 3 weeks. The days are getting longer and the weather is full of endorphin raising sunshine. So why stop a good thing? Flu season is why. It isn't over yet. Reports from the Centers for Disease Contol and Prevention indicated that although influenza activity has declined this week by 21%, the proportion of patient visits to sentinel providers for influenza-like illness (ILI) has been above the national baseline for seven consecutive weeks. How does this compare to last year? Let's compare the two.



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It appears that we are in a lengthened season this year. I know that I have felt the effects. Thanks to I found an article that gives a good rule of thumb for exercising during this bitter-sweet time of year. A Triathlete's Guide to Cold and Flu Season

Wish me luck.


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