My Favorite Endurance Magazines are Blogs

I just read another article on Scott Dunlap's A Trail Runner's Blog and I realized that some of my favorite fitness reading isn't coming from a traditional magazine. It comes in the form of blogs. Sure, I still love reading Runner's World or Bicycling when it comes in the mail but Scott entertains me once a week. A few weeks ago he interviewed Monica Scholz, a legendary endurance athlete. This week's entry was a report on the Rucky Chucky 50k in California. He gave a great report that only a participant could. I like his work and hope to emulate his work in my own blog. will spectate and report on the world of triathlon and endurance sport by participating, attending and even volunteering at as many events as I can. In the upcoming months as the season unfolds in Utah I will post articles and create what I hope to be a site that is as informative and entertaining as Scott Dunlap's.

My upcoming events hope to include:

Salt Lake City Marathon, 5K - April 23rd
Cycle Salt Lake Century 2005 - May 21st
Cache Valley Biathlon - June
Ogden Off-Road Triathlon - a Nissan Xterra Points Series Race, June 25th


  1. Thanks for the kudos, Brent! I appreciate the feedback and will be adding your blog to My Yahoo as well. I agree the best content comes from participants, and I've learned a tremendous amount from other's accounts. I hope you're feeling better, and wish you luck on the SLC race. I've heard it's a fun one!- Scott


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