Multi Sport Talk Radio!

Somewhere around age 30, I started listening to more AM radio than FM radio. Sports, politics, finance and even gardening flood my ears each day as I ride to and from work. When that grows old, I borrow books-on-tape from my local library. My thirst for this mass media style of information has yet to be quenched. In fact, recently I thought it would be really cool to have a talk show dedicated to my other new found passion of running, swimming, cycling and other endurance sport activities. Enter It was love at first sight/(listen)! From the website, I've listened to interviews of Dean Karnazes, Jeff Galloway and even a representative of an Alaskan triathlon club. All of this for free in either mp3 stream, windows media, real player or downloadable mp3. There is even a link for a podcast to download to your ipod.
I couldn't be happier with this new discovery on the always amazing world wide web and with a new show every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it will be very easy to add this to my weekly routine. And I'll add one more item to my list of reasons to buy an iPod.


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