What is Your Swim, Bike, Run Story?

I am fascinated by the stories of regular people who can accomplish anything extraordinary in life while managing a job or family or while overcoming adversity. A triathlon is extraordinary no matter the distance. In my next blog entry I will "interview" myself with some of the following questions. See it here

Email me and with your own answers. Whether your are a runner, cyclist or swimmer or all three.

Why did you first run ? bike? swim?
At what age?
Do you have a sports background?
What was your worst injury?
What does your family think of this?
What is your dream race?
How long will you do this?
Why do you continue?
What is your most memorable event?
What is the worst thing about training?
Are you in a club?
Support group?
Do you like solitude?
This is an individual sport - do you agree?
What is your favorite gear?
What intimidates you about the sport?


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