Interview: The Armchair Triathlete

As promised, here are my own answers to my interview questions. I would still love to hear from you. Drop me an email and I may post your answers on my blog.

Why did you first run ? bike? swim?

I started running competitively in in junior high school. My coaches helped me realized that I was better at endurance than speed so I ran the 1600 event. I think my motivation was more social than anything at the time. That is probably why I didn't run much in high school as it didn't fit in with my social needs. It wasn't until I was in college that I came to love running for it's mental and physical benefits.

On the bike, seeing how far and hard I could ride my bicycle was a common weekend experience in high school. I loved riding to a trail and getting off-road. I still enjoy riding as often as occasion permits.

Do you have a sports background?

I've always participated in team sports. Basketball, baseball/softball and soccer are sports that I enjoy.

What was your worst injury?

I tore up my knee pretty bad skiing last year. I didn't have health insurance at the time so I never got it checked out. It feels strong now though. I have worked really hard on do-it-yourself physical therapy. Thank goodness for the internet. I got a lot of information on knee injuries and rehabilitation.

What does your family think of this?

My family keeps me pretty busy. My wife is supportive but I find I often de-prioritize workouts for family events and their needs.

What is your dream race?

I would love to do the Xterra World Championships in Hawaii. The off-road triathlon really appeals to me. It seems so raw.

How long will you do this?

I'm committed to exercise for the rest of my life. I can't think of a better way to enhance my physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Why do you continue?

I will be honest, the thrill of an event or race is a huge motivator. I get excited preparing for and visualizing my self in a big event.

What is your most memorable event?

My first 5k race was euphoric. It was the Salt Lake City Classic and I couldn't believe how fun it was to finish with the clock and the race number and the cheering crowds. I felt like a champion.

What is the worst thing about training?

Finding time to do it. I'm not morning person and my evenings fill up so quickly.

Are you in a club/ support group??

No, but I used to have a consistent running partner until he started training in the mornings. I just could match his schedule anymore.

Do you like solitude?

Sometimes that is the best thing about a workout. Just getting out and running or riding off the day's stress.

This is an individual sport - do you agree?

For me it is. If only because I have never met anyone with the same ability level. They are either much faster or slower or stronger or weaker. You tend to break off just to meet your own training needs.

What is your favorite gear?

I am in love with my Minoura Mag trainer for my bike. It has made breaking away for a quick bike ride so easy. Especially since I usually do it after dark.

What intimidates you about the sport?

All of the expensive gear. I can't help but feel that I am less of a participant if I don't have the latest greatest stuff. That is ntil I actually start doing it and then I realize that the most important gear is your body and I feel that I have a pretty good version.


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