Xterra -Ogden Offroad Triathlon

Ogden Offroad Triathlon

I took this picture on the old Snowbasin Road while a friend and I were spectating at the first annual Ogden Offroad Triathlon. What a beautiful venue. This is the same resort that hosted portions of the 2002 Winter Olympics. I hope to be a participant this year.

The event is world class. As a spectator, I took opportunity to talk with many of the volunteers and found out that many were the same volunteers that helped with the Winter Olympics. As a result, the event was well run and and will likely grow in popularity each year.

I was actually surprised with the number of participants. I am told that set a record as the largest debut of any of Xterra event.


  1. Brent invited me to this race. If my memory serves me right he mentioned something about entering in 2005...

  2. Stay tuned......You never know Shah :)


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