Moving Forward

I've updated my initial Armchair Triathlete post at least 10 times.  Each time I think of a new thought or change a thought or change my approach all together, I found myself updating my post.  I need to move on.  The purpose of my blog isn't to have single perfect post.  It is to put into words and explore my triathlon goals.  It is easy to  see that my blog experience mirrors my triathlon experience.  Several false starts and a nit picky obsession with getting it right.


I need to move forward.  Just as my vision of this blog is more then a few posts,  my vision as a triathlete is more then a few workouts.   Moving on in this blog will allow me to discover, see and accomplish more.  I will move past the current stage. 


So to that end, my  posts will be fresh, new, raw and most important...plural.  Let's hope my workouts and triathlon events are the same. 


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