Let's Go Camping T-Shirt

 I sketched this design on paper one evening when I was practicing drawing. I was browsing the newspaper advertisements (yes, I'm old school) and wanted to try drawing some sporting goods. The only thing that jumped out was a few tents from Big 5 Sports. So I did a quick sketch on paper of a tent. After staring at it for a while I penciled in the word camping in the shape of a tent. From there the ideas really kicked and I started working on other shapes to put with the tent.

I think the words Let's Go making the tree are my favorite part of the design. Once I did that, I new I had a fun design for a shirt. I snapped an image with my phone and converted it to digital using Artrage for Android. I used layers to move the composition around and get it it just as I liked it.

 I've been an loads of camping trips so this design brings back good memories.

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